Prespa: Two Lakes, Three Countries 
and a Wealth of Diversity!

Prespa is an historic crossroads region nestled in the northwest corner of Greece where distinct peoples, languages and traditions converge in a picturesque basin containing the beautiful Prespes Lakes and the stunning mountains that tower above them.  The two lakes, the  Mikri and Megali (or the Small and Great), are shared by Greece with its two Balkan neighbors creating the culturally diverse and rich historical texture that charcterises the area.

The natural world of the basin is equally well characterised by a plethora of diversity. For such a compact area Prespa is an extraordinary mosaic of habitats, from reedbeds, alpine meadows and dense beech woods to lush riverside forests, wet meadows and a stand of ancient junipers, along with the lakes themselves. It’s also where the Mediterranean meets central Europe, so that southern species mingle with their northern relatives, resulting in flora and fauna that is amongst the most diverse and interesting in Europe.

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